Regina Sunshine State of Mind

June 21, 2016  9:21 am EST

As this journey continues, I’m learning more and more to let go. This is a lesson that’s been hard for me. I’m a lover of people and I love holding on to relationships. It is my goal when I allow someone to enter my life to keep them in my life. I’m a people hoarder. Yeah, that’s what I said. LOL. I’m a people hoarder. But just like anything else you hoard, you have to access why you hoard, allow yourself to heal in whatever area is triggering the hoarding and then begin the clearing out process.

When I really began to examine myself, I found I had a fear of people leaving me. Although I have an amazing family and I was surrounded by love and acceptance, the absence of my biological father left a hole in my life I was trying to fill by “collecting people”. At the core of my being, I couldn’t understand how someone could turn their back on their blood, their seed, their child. When I accepted that he was human, humans make bad decisions and his decisions had no reflection on me, I was able to release him and it freed me to let other people go as well. And not just let them go, but not need an explanation as to their leaving.

Some people leave because they have fulfilled their purpose for being in your life. Some people leave because they have to leave in order for you to reach your next level. And others leave because they were never suppose to be a part of your life in the first place. Remember this, if they want to go, let them go. If you see they are having a negative impact on your life, let them go. If God shows you they aren’t in line with where your life is going, let them go. And accept the fact that as you are elevated and God takes you higher and higher, more and more people won’t be fit for the journey you are on and you will have to let them go. So get real good at good bye. Get real good at separation. Get real good at letting go. That in itself when will be a key in reaching your next level.



Regina Sunshine State of Mind

June 13, 2016  8:50 am EST

I had the honor of being on the Power Panel for Detra Trueheart’s #iSpeakLifeLIVE Event in Atlanta, GA this past Saturday. One sentence she said during that event continues to be at the front of my thoughts….You are not late! For anyone who has followed my sister Pam and I and our EWATE movement, you know we talk about how we are now pursuing dreams that we had years ago. For me, I got so focused on being a wife and mother that I put all my dreams on the shelf. In 2008, God brought them back to me like a flood and I’ve been running hard every since. In the midst of this journey, I have found myself continuously having thoughts about where  I would be now if I had done 20 years ago what I am doing now. Those thoughts have really distracted me. I even began to tell myself that I had wasted my years. That I was late.

Then I heard God speak and what He said settled this issue for me forever. He told me that I didn’t waste my years…that I had raised a champion during that time and that was what that period of my life was about. He showed me that I learned so much while raising Gabe. So many of the lessons I taught him, I now teach others. So many of the parenting strategies I used with him, I now share with others. During this time, my faith was elevated and I now tell my stories of faith to others. It was like he was my guinea pig for some many other the things that I now teach others.

So I wasn’t late. I was learning. I wasn’t late. I was preparing. I wasn’t late. I was growing. And when the time was right to move, I had every tool in my possession that I needed to be a success in the arenas where I now find myself. So now when I think of those times, I can embrace them because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am. And right now, I am where I am purposed to be.

Regina Sunshine “You Are Not Late” State of Mind

Be blessed! Keep Winning!

Regina Sunshine Robinson


Regina Sunshine State of Mind

June 2, 2016 6:45 am EST

Be THAT woman…you know, THAT woman. Be THAT woman that speaks highly of other women. THAT woman that loves and encourages other women. THAT woman that doesn’t tear down or talk about other women. THAT woman that shows her daughters that women can get along and support each other. THAT woman that doesn’t fulfill the negative stereotypes about female relationships. Yeah, be THAT woman. Be THAT woman that other women can celebrate because you’ve celebrated them. And when you do, other women will see what THAT woman looks like, how THAT woman carries herself, and they will know that they too can be THAT woman.

Regina Sunshine “A Real Sisterhood” State of Mind

Be blessed! Keep Winning!

Regina Sunshine Robinson


Regina Sunshine State of Mind

May 27, 2016 6:57 pm

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. So much in my life is changing and my circle of friends is getting smaller. One of the hardest lessons I’m learning during this time is that everyone can’t go with you. I am such a lover of people and I’m loyal to a fault. The thought that those I’ve built strong bonds with will willing walk out of my life has been very taxing and stressful for me. I’ve always had the thought that I was adding people to this personal village that would encircle me and make this journey easier. That’s not what is happening at all. People are actually falling away and for reasons that don’t make sense in my mind or my heart. But the incredible thing is the ones that are staying are becoming the best friends I’ve ever had in my life. The quantity is getting smaller but the quality is increasing. The champions that are in my inner circle love me like crazy, hold me accountable for my actions, expect me to be better, tell me the truth about me, cheer for me louder than I cheer for myself and all have similar dreams and goals. Our individual purposes have drawn us together and we are continuously sharpening each other. This new tribe that is forming is just what I need and is pushing me higher. So I’ve accepted this is a part of the process and I’m willingly releasing those that must go. And what I am beginning to understand is that I am being released as well so they can find their own tribe. So to those who are reading this and you are holding on to those you know aren’t meant to be on the next level with you, let them go. You are holding yourself and them back. The tribe you need is coming. Just keep pursing purpose and seeking your most excellent self and you will attract exactly what you need. Not telling you what I heard….telling you what I know.

Be blessed. Keep Winning.

Regina Sunshine


Regina Sunshine State of Mind

May 14, 2016, 11:32 am EST

Welcome to the Regina Sunshine State of Mind Blog. Someone I highly respect advised me that it was time to begin blogging the information I share at my corporate workshops, motivational seminars and one-on-one empowerment sessions including my thoughts on various topics. I’m excited about the opportunity to spend a little time laying some things out that I know will be a blessing to you all. Great ready to take this journey with me. And remember this, “It’s Not Over Til You Win.” Let’s win together.

Be Blessed! Keep Winning!

Regina Sunshine

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  1. I’ve always been a strong believer that everyone can’t go where God is trying to take you. Its hard losing those people who you thought would always be in your cultivated circle…but pain comes with growth!!! It’s unfortunate that you can want the best for others but they don’t always want the same in return. Thank God he always wants the best for us…and He will put the right people in your life!!! Continued Blessings!!!

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