February 3, 2018

Zaydah Lotallah’s Tedx Talk

Zaydah Lottalah

 “God loves you just the way you are. You are beautiful because you were created in love.You were fearfully and wonderfully made. You have the seeds of greatness within you.You were born to live a victorious life. You are brilliant, gorgeous,talented,and fabulous.  You are worthy.”
These are words from a teacher that inspires me. Hello my name is  Zaydah Lotallah and I’m here today to talk to you about a woman that plays a big role in my life. Not only does she play a big role in my life but in the lives of many others.
What this teacher does in her spare time is she uses her voice through her radio show, community functions, workshops, and empowerment programs.
In her own words she states: “The goal of my show is to provide listeners a place to have a positive message to meet amazing people and find inspiration to live their best life.”Now that’s showing  service and compassion. Her radio show is a platform connecting a lot of leaders in the community. Titles of her broadcasts include:
  1. The BOSS Show, which features & connects men who are making a positive impact in the community
  2. The Impact of Kindness
  3. Powerful Parenting
  4. And What Mama Never Told Me (I’d like to know more about that one ;))
Through her radio show she  connected me to a great group of great teens. They have a show called the Boom Squad and on their show they talk about current events, life as teens and how to make our community better.
She also connected me to a great STEM  teacher from Georgia Tech. (And you know how we love STEM at Amana) Her name is Karen Hypolite. Check out her Ted talk on STEM.
So overall Mrs. Sunshine… Oh yeah, that’s right, her name is Mrs. Regina Sunshine…she has a passion for helping others. I like that Mrs. Sunshine brings out the best in everyone. She is super nice and makes everyone she meets feel important.  I want to make sure she feels just as important as she makes us feel.
What inspires me about Mrs Sunshine is how her ideas became words, and how her words turned into action.  She gives young women and girls like me a voice and the confidence to not be afraid, and stand up for what you believe in.She gave me the confidence to speak and say what I believe in.I am even the only girl on the boss builder academy program  which is a program for people who are actively  bettering the community.
I want kids of all ages to have a voice in what they want to say because what everyone wants to say is important.
I’d like to close with Mrs. Sunshine’s personal motto
“It’s not over til you win. If you haven’t won yet, that just means that it’s not over.” 🙂


June 25, 2016

Regina “Sunshine” Robinson was a burst of enthusiasm and joy as she shared with the Circle of Friends at Rice Memorial Baptist Church in Greenwood.  Her love for the “Son” shone through brightly as she positively presented the gospel to us.  We were so thankful God sent her to us and encouraged us so much by her testimony and the Word of God.

You would not be disappointed if you invite her to come to speak to your group.  She is contagious with the light of the Lord.  Her smile radiates as she feeds you with words of life.  I can see why she is called “Sunshine.”

Debra Hodges, Pastor’s Wife – Rice Memorial Baptist Church, Greenwood, SC


June 28, 2016

Regina Robinson is not only captivating when she speaks and full of energy but she evokes response. As a planner you want people on your program that will not only cause people to think but to be psychologically attached to every word, that’s social change at it’s best. If you want a speaker that commits the mind, body and soul? Complete restoration, stage presence with a slice of humor, there is no other speaker but Robinson.

-Leslie Wright
Director & Founder
Partiez By Leslie Event Planning Company
North Carolina Office


TO:                  Booking Agents
FROM:            Shirley A. Johnson
                        Business Education Teacher
DATE:            June 30, 2016
It is with great pleasure to highly recommend Regina Sunshine Robinson to be selected as a motivational speaker for your event.  Regina’s caring attitude, her high level of commitment to people and her profession, and her exemplary pursuit towards excellence qualifies her to become an outstanding speaker for any occasion.
I met Regina at a Women’s Conference September 2015.  She captivated the attention of the listener, engaged the audience in her message, and encouraged the ladies to walk in their God-given potential.  She exhibited humor, wisdom, and knowledge as she motivated us to always follow our dreams and pursue the goals set before us.
Her message is clear, concise, and coherent.  She is a motivational teacher who enthusiastically guides her audiences to reach and exceed expectations.  Regina is a caring, responsible individual who knows the importance of developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships.  Her ability to establish rapport with people is one of her greatest strengths. 
Regina is a renowned motivational speaker/teacher who has traveled extensively to various venues taking the message of hope to many people.  She is a realist.  She opens her heart and highlights her strengths and exposes her weaknesses as an individual to show others that they can achieve the impossible.
I am sure that Regina Sunshine Robinson has the capability of capturing any audience and she will give them the tools that they will need to reach their highest potential through her words of hope.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at shirleya.johnson@yahoo.com with questions or concerns about Ms. Robinson or this recommendation.

July 3, 2016

Re: Ms. Regina Robinson


Regina Robinson was a facilitator and speaker for our annual Women’s Day Program “Women in Touch” on March, 26th, 2016.

She facilitated two workshops and her topic was Empowering and Affirming Women. Ms Robinson delivered an inspirational presentation laced with humor, honesty and hope. Through the sharing of her life experiences, Ms Robinson showed us that recovery and autonomy comes in all forms and is always possible with belief in God and belief in ourselves. She gave us insight as to how we can effectively empower, both emotionally and spiritually, not only ourselves, but also other women.

Ms. Robinson has a passion for serving women. She provides exactly what she advertises and does so with great authenticity and enthusiasm.

Based on our evaluations, we are making preparations to have her back for our next women’s program and I would highly recommend Ms. Regina Robinson as a workshop facilitator and keynote speaker.

Most respectfully,

AudreyAnn C. Moses, Ph.D

CEO, NeverSayCain’t


www.neversaycaintcounserv.com / www.transitionlifecoach4u.com


July 17, 2016

Dear Regina Sunshine Robinson:

I am writing this letter of recommendation in exchange for you to continue to break barriers, mend hearts and network like-minded individuals. I have been in your company for over five plus years now and you are still the same even as you advance along with relocating.  That says a lot about your character. I have not only witnessed your effect on the crowd after speaking but I’m the product of your residue.

I was encouraged to connect with you because of my strong desire to be a motivational speaker as well, however certain life issues of mine kept me in bondage. I was STUCK!!! Yes, I am a nurse but I couldn’t perform C.P.R. on myself or see LIFE out this situation. I found many ways to conceal my heart, my pain & those sleepless night with tears. Your event teaches us to apply various method to look through the pain and situation. You empowered me that nothing was out of reach for me to obtain, if I was determined to get it.

I know after that first encounter of “Getting Your Sassy Back Brunch,” that is where I needed to be & you are who I needed to help propel me. You Regina, helped me to develop a solid foundation for my organization, Loving the Skin I’m In, Regardless and my Life Coach Business. You pumped me up to be a valuable vessel for my young girls in my organization.  We need you to continue to spread your love, positive energy and motivation because this society is in a dilemma from enough negativity.

Keep up the great work. You are a true vessel for your calling. Should you decide to need me in the future, please contact me by email at angelalee864@yahoo.com. Thank you for you inspiring posts & unconditionally love.


Angela Lomax-Lee

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Traveling Nurse


July 19, 2016

Recommendation from Carmen Schultz


July 20, 2016

Recommendation Letter from Alice Hodges


November 3, 2016

Regina Robinson is one of the most dynamic, engaging, & inspiring speakers I have ever had the pleasure of hearing! She has an ability to connect with the audience and have them tap into their emotions in a way that I have never seen before! She hooks the audience from the very beginning and holds their attention to the very end! She will leave you feeling empowered, motivated, and capable of accomplishing all that God has placed in you! She is a motivator to the motivators! As a professional speaker myself, I’m telling you, you need Regina at your event! Truly a phenomenal speaker!

Taurice Bussey, Business Owner & Motivational Speaker