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Regina Sunshine Robinson has played a major role is assisting several business and nonprofit organizations with their initial startup. She is also known for her influence and ability to connect individuals with those who can provide support in various capacities of new project and sustained project development. While acting in that capacity, she has successfully assisted over 20 individuals and teams in starting talk shows on online, AM, FM and television platforms. Along with that, for the last 10 years, she has successfully trained individuals in developing a powerful and positive mental state of mind. Here is a list of coaching topics that you may request a 1-hour session to address plus the new Speaker’s Coaching Package for those looking for a coach to make connections and secure speaking engagements:

  1. Business & Nonprofit Startup Coaching
  2. Talk Show Startup Coaching  (Ask about the Talk Show Coaching Package)
  3. Positive Mindset Coaching 
  4. Business Connections Session
  5. Speaker Connection Consultation (This is for individuals, businesses, event hosts and planners looking to connect with speakers for your event)
  6. Speaker Coaching Package
  7. Booking Agent – Specializing in booking guests for interviews on your platform

To book a session, send your name, contact number and the type of session requested to

Math Tutoring

Hello! If you are looking for assistance with math for you or your child, I would love to assist you. I have a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering, and I have been tutoring and teaching math most of my life. I love MATH! Lol. And I love helping others see math in a new light. I am currently accepting new online math students. Contact me today to schedule your session. Flyer


Regina Sunshine Global Network Group Coaching & Classes

April 2020 Classes


April 2020 Class Flyer

Public Speaking 101 – This is a 4-part Course for the beginner that wants to break past their fear to take the stage in a powerful and impactful way.

Public Speaking for Media – This 4-part course is for the Interviewee looking to excel in media interviews via radio, television or print media. If you are building a brand, it is imperative that you be able to effectively communicate who you are, what you do and your particular mission or vision.

Talk Show Hosting 101 – This 4-part course is for the new and experienced Talk Show Host. In this class, we will cover Finding the Right Platform, Show Planning and Layout, Branding and Promotions and other key elements to building a strong and successful Talk Show.

Contact Regina Sunshine Robinson at to get more details about these classes.